Thank you for visiting the website of the Tewksbury Democratic Town Committee. We are chartered by the Massachusetts Democratic Party to promote the values of our party and to help elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

We also seek to do good in our community. We hold informational and networking events, host food and toiletries drives, and volunteer for a variety of local organizations. We stand out to support our candidates, help collect signatures, write postcards, and more.

We meet officially four to six times per year on Saturday mornings at Tewksbury’s historic town hall. Months without an official meeting we host a meetup or organize a drive. Everyone is welcome at our meetings and events.

Our next meetup is March 13, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. at Luna Rossa. We will host a local candidates’ night in advance of Tewksbury’s April 1 election.

Our next business meeting is April 29, 2023 at 10 a.m. at Town Hall.

Donate now via our ActBlue to help us elect Democratic candidates and donate to local causes that help our community.

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The Tewksbury Democratic Town Committee is a local arm of the Democratic Party. TDTC members work locally in a variety of ways to promote our shared principles. We also actively support candidates at the regional, state, and national levels. The TDTC organizes events that are designed to support our local candidates as well as provide them with an opportunity to share their message. These activities include our annual Unity Breakfast, canvassing and sign holding, encouraging voter registration and participation in town events, sponsoring candidate nights and forums, and holding regular meetings and social events.

We welcome new members who are registered Democrats and residents of Tewksbury. Our committee consists of 35 elected members20-year members, and a large and growing roster of associate members. Some of our members are also part of the Democratic State Committee. For more information about the various membership levels please visit our FAQ. We have four to six regular meetings per year as well as one or more socials during the summer.

We are proud of our own efforts and those of our elected officials to build a better nation and society. Please join us at our next meeting; you can find dates in our calendar on this site.

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Fill out the form below to get in touch with us with any questions regarding our organization or to get more information about how to get involved.

Or, drop us an email at TewksburyDems@gmail.com or message us on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

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How can I join the committee?

To be an associate member, you simply need to be a registered Democrat residing in Tewksbury. Contact the clerk, or come to any meeting or social event to fill out a membership application. We welcome new associates!

To be a full member of the town committee you must be elected, either as part of our slate on the ballot every four years or by members to fill vacancies. 

Elected members are expected to attend quarterly meetings and participate in helping get Democratic candidates elected to state and federal office. Only elected members may vote on matters coming before the committee.

What is a 20-year member?

Any person who has served for 20 or more consecutive years on the committee may be “grandfathered” into the committee and not count against the 35 member quota.

What is an associate member?

An associate member is someone who wishes to join the committee during the four year period between presidential primaries. Associate members are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in all activities and discussions. While associate members do not vote on motions that come before the committee, they are valued members. If there is an opening on the committee due to resignation or death, associate members will be given primary consideration to fill that vacancy.

Can only members attend a meeting?

No. The Tewksbury Democratic Town Committee meetings and socials are open to all interested parties. We strongly encourage all registered voters to attend, especially Democrats. Elected Democratic officials frequently attend the meetings. The committee usually meets at the Town Hall on Saturday mornings at 10 o’clock. There will be times, however, that we may need to change the date, time or venue. If this happens we will make every effort to notify the public in advance.  You can find more information regarding our meetings and events on our calendar.