Nomination Paper Signing Event

THIS SUNDAY, April 10, 2-4pm, please join Reps. Tram Nguyen MA State Rep. Tram T. Nguyen, and Reps. Vanna Howard for State Representative and Dave Robertson for State Rep , and State Senator Barry Finegold for a Meet-and-Greet at 12 Ellington Road in Tewksbury. As you may know, this year Tewksbury gains an additional state representative, Rep. Vanna Howard, and she’s looking forward to meeting her new constituents. Senator Finegold will be joining us between 2:30-3pm.

Stop by to catch up, or to sign our nomination papers — those signatures are due soon!

You can only sign papers for candidates in your district. Rep. Vanna Howard will represent Precinct 1; Rep. Tram Nguyen will represent Precincts 3, 5A (the northern end), and 7; Rep. Dave Robertson will represent Precincts 2, 4, 5 (the majority portion), 6 and 8. Senator Barry Finegold represents the whole town.

Not sure what your district is? You can look it up here or on this precinct map.

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